Dailies Total - Getspexy
Dailies Total - Getspexy
Dailies Total - Getspexy
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Dailies Total

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Learn How To Wear and Remove Your Dailies Total Contact Lenses

Newest generation of LightStream Lens Technology which enables the creation of water gradation. The lenses contain phosphatidylcholine an ingredient also found in natural tears. These lenses have excellent oxygen permeability, surface lubricity and comfort. Comes in a pack of 30 lenses. 

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Use as guided by your optometrist.

Lenses will be shipped 3 to 4 days from the date of order. You should receive it within a week of placing the order. Delays may occur if there are holidays, you will be intimated accordingly.

Products are available in one Base Curves : 8.5. You will find BC on the packaging (refer to the images for guidance).

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